Botox and fillers, not your only options for anti-aging


Damon self-ligating brackets used on Julie Geller. Notice the minimal exposure of braces in each action shot.

As we get older our faces droop, our lips appear deflated, and our jawline sags — it's no secret, aging sucks! Unfortunately, sometimes makeup isn't enough, and we seek to consider more drastic options for improvement. I’m going to share with you my story of how I ended up making myself feel better about this process. As a Health Coach, it was important to me to choose a treatement that was ultimately not going to put my own health at risk. It’s not to say that this is right or wrong, it’s just the way I chose to deal with aging gracefully.   

For me, Botox and fillers were always on the table as potential treatments to eventually consider. When I turned 41, eventually seemed a lot closer than anticipated. After wandering around the city, I nervously arranged a consult— Let the three week worry fest being.

During my appointment at a popular and reputable cosmetic surgery clinic, I received advice on a recommended treatment, a rundown on the potential health risks, and the maintenance required. All this new information was scary, but it wasn't the deal breaker for me until the doctor suggested I build out my face (making my face look fuller than when I was a child). This opinion slowly made me angry, upset and then scared. I couldn't imagine injecting my lower face with 4 full syringes of product. I calculated their recommended treatment at $3,500 every 4-6 months. Not only was the cost shocking, I was most worried that I wouldn't look like myself anymore (think Courtney Cox during her filler days).

After the appointment, I headed directly to the bar for pre-drinks and waited for my husband so I could tell him about my experience — and sob... and cry a little. I was obviously disturbed about what they recommended, but I was even more upset that my plan to age gracefully was officially trashed. Like most women, all I wanted was to look like an improved version of me — without the pain, the huge risk and the crazy expense.

This lead me to considering other ways I could polish my appearance. For the past 10 years, I wanted to revisit aligning my bottom teeth. I had a pretty severe crowding situation that I knew I should deal with. 
I booked a second consult, but this time at Tropical Orthodontics with Dr. Joel Schacher. Dr. Joel
Schacher took me through a customized treatment plan — it was reasonable, feasible and would even contribute to my continued good health. I was also surprised to hear about what he could achieve visually with braces.

We chatted about:

- Creating a broader smile and more support for my lower face
- Gaining more support and a better shape for my lips
- Making breathing easier
- Fixing my bite — an important function as we age

Even though this is my second time getting braces (I originally had them as a young teen), I knew it was time to update and refresh my smile — so made the appointment to get them put on . I'm pleasantly surprised that during my treatment time, we'll be tackling my aesthetic and health goals within only one year. With the advanced technology, Dr. Joel Schacher employs, there's less discomfort, a smoother more streamlined look — he mounts the brackets near the gum line of the tooth making them less visible on the top of bottom and my lip covers most of the braces. What I'm even more excited about is that my results would be long lasting with his post-treatment plan.

I decided on getting the clear brackets on the top and metal on the bottom (where I needed the most care). What's interesting is that you can barely see them and I've received such positive feedback from friends, colleagues and total strangers. Even after just three months, I've seen drastic changes to my face, lips, and tooth alignment. I'm so happy that this route addressed my concerns, improves my overall look and polish, and will result in a naturally more beautiful and healthy me.


Julie Geller, Health Coach | Ambassador to Tropical Orthodontics


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