10 Secrets to Taking Better Selfies

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Nailing a great selfie is tough! Not everyone can have an exquisite entourage like Kylie and Kim. With these 10 tips and a little bit of practice, you can take your selfie game to the next level.

1. Take selfies in the AM – lighting is everything, and the best lighting can be found in the morning. Make sure to test which way to face by snapping some test shots before you commit.

2. Avoid Shadows – Shadows take away from how fresh-faced you could look. 

3. Smile like you mean it! -  it’s obvious when you’re thinking something other than being in the moment. Settle in, smile and feel all the feels!

4. Take lots of selfies – it can take a few shots to settle into the picture. Take a few and post your best of the series.

5. Play to your angles -Don't smile into the camera and make sure to hold your phone a little bit above you. The downward angle is very flattering.

6. Use the right filters - pick a simple filter and keep using it for consistency

7. Don't over-edit -  Natural is better. Selfies are about being yourself and being confident with that

8. Pick an Interesting Background - clean your space, nobody wants to see your mess

9. Avoid the Duck Face Pout - Duck Face is over, don’t be a cliché. 

10. Improve Your Smile – We’ve all considered tooth whitening, but wearing braces for a short amount of time can make miracles happen. 


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